Engage. Advocate. Win.

Across all markets. Across all media. Across all borders.

Potomac International Partners is a multidisciplinary consulting firm that matches ideas with needs and creates opportunities from challenges.

We go beyond consulting and counsel with actionable solutions that address real world issues in real time.

We deliver winning programs for clients navigating policy and political challenges, building brands, protecting reputations, and entering new markets here and abroad.

Government Relations

While the rules of government advocacy are constantly changing, the realities remain as old as the republic. Access alone is not enough. Success depends on building alliances on both sides of the aisle and promoting solutions that benefit constituents and serve the national interest.

International Consulting

Business today is global…but politics remains local. Market entry, whether US companies seeking entry into non-US markets, or foreign companies seeking entry in the US, works best when the overtures are made with and by familiar faces.

International Consulting