We Leverage the Power of Knowledge

We convert decades of collective global experience into strategic value for our clients. We haven’t seen it all, but we’ve seen a lot. We offer a rich playbook of knowledge of how governments and markets work, what makes stakeholders respond, how to mobilize influencers, and what drives action.

Designing the right strategic solution begins with listening. To customers. To employees. To competitors. To investors. To all the stakeholders we need to reach, engage, and persuade.

Data analytics give us insight that informs storytelling, sparks ideas, identifies the right tactics, and validates the power of our creative expression.

At the end of the day we deliver what matters most: Results that can be measured on the bottom line.

These essential elements drive success for clients:

  • Insight into stakeholder beliefs, behaviors and preferences.
  • Deep understanding of the policy process and political influencers.
  • An authentic narrative that resonates and connects.
  • A compelling call to action.
  • Creative ideas for engaging stakeholders.
  • An efficient use of communications tools and channels.
  • Long standing relationships with decision makers and insight into their thinking.

Potomac represents individuals, companies, trade associations, sovereign nations,
and NGOs in three main practice areas

Government Relations

While the rules of government advocacy are constantly changing, the realities remain as old as the republic. Access alone is not enough. Success depends on building alliances on both sides of the aisle and promoting solutions that benefit constituents and serve the national interest.

International Consulting

Business today is global…but politics remains local. Market entry, whether US companies seeking entry into non-US markets, or foreign companies seeking entry in the US, works best when the overtures are made with and by familiar faces.

We’ll help you leverage the power of knowledge.

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