Government Relations

While the rules of government advocacy are constantly changing, the realities remain as old as the republic. Access alone is not enough. Success depends on building alliances on both sides of the aisle and promoting solutions that benefit constituents and serve the national interest.

We are a focused team of policy specialists with real commercial experience working at the intersection of global business and government. We know the process, the people, and the pressure points in Congress, the Administration and across the regulatory agencies.

Our federal marketing team understands how to navigate the complexities of selling products and services to the world’s largest consumer – the US federal government. We help companies identify and pursue opportunities through knowledge of the process and familiarity with decision-makers.

Service Areas

  • Political Strategy
  • Bi-partisan Coalitions
  • Congressional Lobbying
  • Access to Federal Agencies
  • Regulatory Negotiations
  • Federal Marketing


  • Coalition Management
  • Spokesperson
  • Issue Campaigns
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Communications


  • Technology
  • Energy
  • Issue Coalitions
  • E-commerce
  • Financial Services
  • Health Care
  • National Security
  • Telecommunications

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