International Consulting

Business today is global…but politics remains very, very local.  Market entry, whether US companies seeking entry into non-US markets, or foreign companies seeking entry in the US, works best when the overtures are made with and by familiar faces.

Our hands-on approach to market entry and international consulting overcomes cultural barriers by working with our on the ground associates from the beginning of the project through to success.

Service Areas

  • Global Market Entry Solutions
  • Sovereign Government Representation
  • International Public Affairs
  • Trade & Trade Policy
  • Sovereign - Wealth/Investment/Strategic Funds
  • Global Political Risk Analysis
  • Foreign Direct Investment/PPP


  • Senior and experienced on the ground teams in multiple countries available to assist and carry out your objectives
  • Unique ability to help foreign corporations successfully enter U.S. markets and navigate unforseen hurdles
  • Our veteran team of professionals can help your government positively brand itself to change or counter negative perceptions
  • Through our strategic partnerships, we help your government identify opportunities to attract FDI and structure PPP's
  • Successfully counseled governments and corporations to work with the World Bank Group; IDB; African Development Bank; and OECD
  • We put our experience, relationships and know - how to work for you with multi-national organizations

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