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Managing Risk: How Companies May be Entangled in the Huawei Web and Not Even Know It

Potomac CEO Mark Cowan has extensive experience helping companies, both foreign and US-based, navigate the complex regulatory and business environments, with a keen eye for assessing risk management strategy. Mark is adept at helping companies mitigate risk to maximize their potential while dealing with the difficulties of doing business in an increasingly complex global marketplace. […]

Morocco Day CEO Summit: Potomac CEO Mark Cowan discusses how Moroccan, and any foreign business, can succeed in Washington DC

On March 29th in Washington, D.C. the Moroccan American Network & AV Actions hosted the 4th Edition of the Morocco Day Business Forum for a summit of CEOs, elected officials, and international business executives. The event featured a meet and greet with the panelists, and two sessions focused on how to help Moroccan businesses identify […]

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Internet Sales Taxes…a Death Toll for Small Business?

Phil Bond is the head of Government Relations for Potomac International Partners, and is also Executive Director of the WERHERE Coalition – a nonprofit advocacy group that pushes for responsible internet tax legislation. In what seems to be a summer of impactful decisions, the Supreme Court has issued yet another landmark ruling in the past […]

Potomac CEO Mark Cowan Attends 9th Annual Asian Leadership Conference

Potomac International Partners CEO Mark Cowan spoke at the 9th Annual Asian Leadership Conference in Seoul, South Korea this past May, 2018. International Relations seems to be an ever-present ‘hot topic’ in Washington, D.C. these days. With the Trump administration rattling the cages of foreign leaders, offering glowing praise for others, and often changing stances […]